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Happy dancersLamoille Valley Dance Academy is committed to providing quality dance and gymnastics education that will develop, enhance and nurture the physical and mental well-being of our youth. Through LVDA’s diverse programs, our professional and experienced teachers will offer caring and individualized instruction to each and every student in a joyful and welcoming environment. At Lamoille Valley Dance Academy we believe that young people can thrive from a disciplined and structured curriculum for both body and mind, while still having fun in the learning process. Our goal and our passion is to offer a solid foundation and complete program of dance education and movement arts that fosters strong bodies, bright minds, positive self-esteem, self-confidence and creative expression. At Lamoille Valley Dance Academy we strive to support healthy creative exploration and a lifelong enjoyment of dance, movement, and appreciation for the arts.

Grand Opening of New Studio! 39 Upper Main St, Morrisville

All Classes Cancelled Today, Wed. 2/7 Due to Weather! 
2017-2018 Season Under Way!

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Exciting Dance Opportunity This February!

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Ballet * Hip-Hop * Jazz * Tap * Lyrical/Contemporary * Gymnastics

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