Registration will be complete with a Lamoille Valley Dance Academy Registration Form, a $25 Registration Fee per student, or a $45 Family Registration Fee for the entire academic year (September-May), and one of the payment options offered by LVDA.


Tuition payment should accompany the Registration Form by September 8, 2020. Tuition can be paid Annually or Semi-Annually. A QUARTERLY PAYMENT PLAN IS AVAILABLE FOR ANNUAL OR MULTI-CLASS SELECTIONS ONLY. The Quarterly plan divides the classes into four equal payments and does not reflect the number of classes per month. The first payment is due with the registration on September 8, 2020 and the following payments are due November 2, 2020, January 4, 2021, and March 8, 2021. Semi-Annual payments are due at registration and January 4, 2021. Payments may be conveniently and automatically charged on a credit card. Although quarterly payments may be made with a check or cash, A CREDIT CARD MUST BE ON FILE WITH LVDA’S SEMI-ANNUAL OR QUARTERLY INSTALLMENT PLAN to ensure timely payment. 
 A $15 Late Fee (per month) will be added to all payments not received within the five day grace period following the proper payment date listed above.
 A $25 Penalty Fee will be charged for returned checks and declined cards.

 A $15 Administrative Fee will be charged for any classes dropped/changed by the student/family, that require billing adjustments. (Example: drop a class at any time, $15 fee billed.  Change from one class to another, NO fee charged). 
Please note Tuition Policies WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. By registering with LVDA, families acknowledge the responsibilty of making timely payments on their LVDA account. Although multiple individuals may be sharing tuition payments, the parent/guardian signing the registration form will ultimately be responsible for all fees.


Discounts are automatically applied to multiple class selections.  The greater the number of class selections, the greater the discount per class.  


All students participating in the Spring Performance will have a Costume Fee of $70.00 per class/costume. This fee will include the costume, headpiece and accessories, unless otherwise specified. The Costume Fee also includes fittings, alterations and some original costume designs/creations. Some additional fees may be required for principal/soloist dancers who require costlier costuming. LVDA is known for its quality and specifically tailored costumes for our professional level productions. Tights and shoes are not included in the Costume Fee, and are the sole responsibility of the dancer/gymnast. For those students with multiple costumes, fees may be paid in two installments on November 2 and December 7, 2020.
*All Costume Fees are DUE by December 7, 2020. A $10 Late Fee (per month) will be applied to all late payments after the due date.

Annual Performance

All families/students are responsible for knowing, planning for and attending all of the Full Academy Studio Rehearsal dates as listed in the Annual Calendar and Theater Week Rehearsals (TBA). All students participating in the Spring Performance will have a $15 Performance Fee. This fee will be due December 7, 2020 along with the Costume Fees. Performance Fees cover additional hours of training, coaching and performance rehearsals; and also help to offset the theater rental, technical crew, production sets and production advertisements.


Please note that enrollment for LVDA’s program is for the entire academic year September 8, 2020 through May 30, 2021. There are no refunds, although credits may apply if a student withdraws before January 4, 2021. There is no credit option after January 4 2021. Missed classes may be made-up with other classes, pending teacher approval. A written notice or email is required for withdrawal or the student is considered still registered at LVDA and tuition payments will continue to be charged.


Cancellations for snow days will be announced/posted on the LVDA voicemail, the website, and the LVDA Families Info Facebook page after 1pm. Due to changing weather conditions, school closings DO NOT automatically indicate class cancellations. LVDA classes WILL BE IN SESSION during in-service school closings. Every effort will be made to make up cancellations due to weather, however this may not always be possible.

Program Enrollment

Enrollment in any LVDA Training Program covers all components of instruction. Instruction includes technique and skill building, dance/gymnastics vocabulary, choreography, performance and presentation coaching, rehearsals, and production preparations. Enrollment at LVDA provides the highest quality of instruction through its structured, disciplined and mutli-faceted training program.

Class Attendance

Consistent class attendance of LVDA students is required to ensure proper progression and camaraderie with fellow students. Absences may be made up during the same month of the absence in another class pending director approval. Multiple missed classes may result in dismissal from the program with no tuition reimbursement. Please refer to the 2020- 2021 Calendar.

Class Placement

Level placement for students will be decided strictly by the Artistic Director and LVDA faculty. A student typically remains in a class level for 2-3 years. The LVDA staff carefully assesses each student physically, developmentally and socially when determining proper level placement. The first month of classes is considered an assessment time for new students and returning students being considered for level advancement. During this time, students may be switched to a class level that best suits their needs. It is our goal to provide the highest quality of instruction and to ensure the student’s improvement, progression and enjoyment in LVDA classes.

Waiting Room Conduct

Students will remain calm and well-behaved while in the Waiting Room before and after class. Any student found behaving in a disorderly manner will be dealt with accordingly. Continued misconduct may result in dismissal from LVDA with no tuition reimbursement.

Dance/Gymnastics Attire

Proper dance/gymnastics attire and hair requirements are mandatory at LVDA. Students not properly dressed or with loose hair WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to participate in class. Proper attire and hairstyle teaches the student the importance of being properly prepared and well groomed for the activity. Please see our brochure and website for all attire details. Attire protocol will be STRICTLY enforced.

LVDA Premises Protocol

All LVDA families will use the front Main St. entrance to the Village Studio to enter or exit the building.  Absolutely no use of the side door that leads to the playground area. No food, drink (except water in a non-breakable, kid-friendly bottle), snacks, candy, gum, etc. are allowed in the studio/class. No screw top water bottles allowed. Students/Parents must not leave leftover food, drink or garbage in the Waiting Room. All garbage must be deposited into the garbage contaniers. ABSOLUTELY NO diapers, wet food, containers with liquid/ice allowed in any LVDA garbage containers. LVDA asks that all parents be mindful of their children’s belongings and waste by checking after children in the Waiting Room and bathrooms. LVDA strives to maintain a clean, tidy, santized and safe environment.

Studio Announcements

Parents are asked to read all notices posted on the Studio Bulletin Board, the Entry Whiteboard, LVDA Families Info Facebook page, lamoillevalleydance.com, and through our emails. Parents must be responsible and proactive in keeping informed of current LVDA information and updates.

Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities

A student 10 years of age or younger must be supervised by that student’s parent/ caregiver before class and all students picked up promptly after class has ended. Parents must not rely on other present adults for supervision. At the Home Studio location, students and families must remain on studio site and refrain from wandering into the residential area for reasons of liability. At the Village Studio location, LVDA is not responsible for any children/families in the playground between the building entrances. Absolutely no smoking on any of the LVDA premises.

Personal Video/Photography 

Personal video or photography of children in classes or rehearsals taken by parents during Parent Observation Week and LVDA rehearsals shall not be shared on social media, other than the LVDA Families Info Facebook page. Video or photography is strictly prohibited during LVDA spring production shows, technical or dress rehearsals, as well as, LVD Company shows/rehearsals, unless designated otherwise by the Artistic Director.

Lamoille Valley Dance Academy 
Safety Protocol and COVID-19 Response

Below is LVDA’s new Safety Protocol listing guidelines and procedures during this time of COVID-19.  These policies are based on the recommendations of the Governor, CDC and the Vermont Dept. of Health regarding summer programming for children. The health and safety of our children, staff and families is of utmost importance to us at LVDA.  LVDA will make enforcement of this safety protocol its top priority. Please read the information carefully. Everyone entering LVDA or registering for classes must follow these guidelines and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all.

No one may enter the Dance Studio under any circumstance if they have had a fever in the past 72 hours and have had to take a fever reducer to bring down a fever. No one with a temperature above 100.4 will be allowed in the Studio.  Temperature Checks will be taken with a Touchless Thermometer prior to your child entering the Studio. Children will be sent home if they appear ill during class and will not be allowed back to LVDA for 72 hours if they have any COVID-19 related symptoms.  Credits will not be granted for missed class time. 

Along with Temperature Checks, a Full Health Screening will be completed prior to your child entering the Studio. The following questions will be asked:

Have you had a fever in the past 72 hours?
Have you been around anyone with COVID-19?
Have you had a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or a loss of smell and/or taste?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your child will not be allowed in class.

All students must wash hands after entering the Waiting Area and getting dressed for class. Parents who remain in the Waiting Area during class time must wash hands, as well.  

LVDA has the right to limit the number of family members in the lobby area to ensure safe social distancing guidelines. Space is prioritized for students waiting to enter class, or for those exiting a class. Depending on the number of students in the Waiting Room, parents/guardians may be asked to drop off or pick up their child without entering the Waiting Room.

Masks must be worn by all with no exceptions in the Waiting Area, including parents, students and instructors. Anyone not wearing a mask will be asked to leave. Masks must be part of each person’s essential equipment to have access to LVDA premises.  Students and instructors can remove masks in the Studio if they are overheated from physical exertion. Students will not be required to wear masks during class participation, unless they so choose or unless otherwise instructed. When removing masks, they must be placed with the student’s personal water bottle, and will be the responsibility of that student.  

Dancers will be placed 6 feet apart at the fixed and portable barres. The instructor will check and enforce this safe social distancing, however it will be the responsibility of the student to be educated and mindful of social distancing protocol. Students may be asked to use masks when placed in lines or lining up to dance from the corner of the studio. 

Instructors will limit physical contact with other students to the best of their ability. When it becomes necessary for the teacher to use physical contact to correct a student’s form, the instructor will be mindful of the placement/direction of his/her face and breathing. In the event of extended time spent with corrections and close physical contact between instructor and student, the instructor will wear a mask. 

Instructors will monitor the behavior and physical placement of students to help ensure that a safe distance is maintained throughout the class, outside of choreographed routines. If choreography requires closer contact, masks will be necessary. 

Hand Sanitizer will be available in the Studio, however it will be the responsibility of all students to come with their own personal Hand Sanitizer. This must be part of their essential equipment to enter LVDA premises.  

When in the Studio, if a child is frequently touching their face, they will be asked to step out to wash their hands, or be given hand sanitizer.

All frequently used areas will be sanitized with disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, and a UV light disinfector in between each class/group of children. These areas include ballet barres, studio benches and bathrooms.    

Disinfectant will be used to sanitize all surfaces daily and multiple times daily including door handles, knobs, wall mailbox, Waiting Room benches, Waiting Room clothing hooks, light switches, Dressing Room benches and mirrors.

Class groups will not be mixed until further notice.

Exposure to COVID-19 is a risk in all public settings. LVDA cannot be responsible for or guarantee that you will not be exposed while on the LVDA premises. 

We ask that all LVDA families read carefully with your child, familiarize yourselves and agree to the LVDA Safety Protocol. Registration in one of our programs requires that you understand and accept these regulations. The Director & staff will ensure that all areas of Lamoille Valley Dance Academy are thoroughly disinfected and sanitized at the start, during and end of each day.  Our goal is to offer our students a high quality of dance and gymnastics training, while providing a safe and secure facility at all times.