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Lamoille Valley Dance 2017 Summer Programs

Sign up for two programs and receive a 7% Discount, 3 or more programs and receive a 10% Discount on all programs per student! Students must be enrolled in at least two full programs to receive the Discount. No discounts apply to partial enrollment of a program, even if enrolled in more than one program. Tuition may be received in Two Payment Installments, 50%, by May 24 (first day of spring/summer programs) and the remaining 50% due by June 14, to take advantage of any Discount. Programs completed before June 14 may be paid in Two Installments, the first on or before May 24 but, must be paid in full before the end of program date. Any payments not completed by June 14 will incur full non-discounted tuition amount regardless of program date.

All Classes, Workshops and Intensives are highly recommended for dance students wishing to progress in level and prepare for or continue pointe work. Maintaining a practice schedule during the summer allows the student to focus on an increased emphasis on technique, strength, alignment and style, while enjoying the learning of new and classic choreography in a variety of dance genres. Summer dance study is an especially opportunistic time for the dance student to make great strides in his/her dance abilities, due to the intensive and multi-faceted nature of the course offerings. It is a fruitful time, which allows the dancer to focus on honing his/her skills and technique, while enjoying the recreational and camaraderie with fellow dancers. Come and enjoy a summer full of dance with us!